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About the brand

Eve&Eve is an ongoing project inspired by the genesis story. It's a series of illustrations, merchandise and an animated short film (still in progress), telling the story of how Eve did not fall in love with Adam but realized she is a lesbian. She fell in love with another woman she stumbled upon in paradise who surprisingly has the same name. Eve&Eve shows us in a playful way how to explore sexuality and love but also covers topics as homophobia and discrimination agains the LGTBQI+ community. Most importantly Eve&Eve are here to create more queer visibility and spreading love <3

About the creator

Hi my name is Iris van der Meule and I'm a queer Digital Artist, Virtual Reality Director & Animator based in the Netherlands. In my work I try to evoke emotion and raise awareness for socially relevant topics that fascinate me. With virtual reality as my main medium I create interactive and poetic experiences that tell stories which can open discussion and communication. I believe through virtual reality and art we can share our perspectives and experiences to learn from each other to better ourselves and the world around us.

For Eve&Eve I decided to use a different and (in my case) a new medium: prints & merchandise. I got fascinated by the genesis story of Adam and Eve and I realized how much impact this story had on our current heteronormative society. That's when I created Eve&Eve and added a lesbian twist to the genesis story. My goal is to create more queer visibility and put a stop to homophobia. By printing the story of Eve&Eve on merchandise like t-shirts and hats I can reach a broader audience and bring that visibility to the public room and daily life. Making the world more queer, one shirt at a time.

This project is supported by the Next Talent Program, an initiative from Playgrounds.

The Next Talent Program is created by Playgrounds together with BROET, Natlab, Submarine Channel, The Panics, Herrie Film & TV, BredaPhoto, St. Joost School of Art and Design, Kaboom animatie festival, Provincie Noord-Brabant, FilmFonds, Kunstloc en Netflix.